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Solar Pools

Solar pools

Experience the Warmth

"Should I heat my pool?" is a question that every homeowner with a swimming pool asks at some point in time or another. For new pool owners, the chilly reality of pool ownership sets in when spring arrives and the pool is too cold to enjoy. We refer to this as the "Cold Water Blues." Why suffer with this when you don't really have to? Well now you don't when you have a Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort solar-heated swimming pool. Just consider the benefits to having a heated pool.

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Why is solar energy the better choice?

There are four primary benefits of using solar energy instead of obtaining power from fossil fuels, which are:

-Solar energy employs the renewable power of the sun by gathering heat with solar panels

-Despite the initial costs involved with heating your swimming pool with solar energy, it will cost you literally nothing to maintain and operate it in the long run.

-You have a variety of choices when it comes to heating your pool from something as simple as automated solar covers to high quality solar panels.

-Don't overlook the rebates and tax incentives that you can have by using solar power

Another consideration is that the more solar panels you use for heating your swimming pool, the warmer your pool will get. In a sense, a pool that is solar heated acts like a radiator with the exception of the fact that instead of radiating heat, it absorbs it.

We only utilize the best!

FAFCO is the most trusted brand name in the solar energy industry with over 1.3 million solar panels installed worldwide which is double what any other manufacturer has in the market. Here is why they are considered to be the best in the industry:

-They are the only solar pool heating manufacturer with over 30 years of proven experience and reliability

-They have the highest rated heating performance in the industry

-FAFCO panels are lightweight, ultraviolet resistant, and deliver unmatched protection against cracking and fading

-They give you a 12-year Full Repair and Replacement Warranty and a limited "Lifetime" warranty which is not restricted by years like so many other brands are

When you take all of the above into consideration, FAFCO solar panels are the most cost-effective product in the industry and that is just another reason why they are considered the best panels on the market.

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