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Solar Electricity

Sierra Pacific Solar Explains How To Save More Than You Pay

New Sacramento solar loan is a "no brainer"

Find out if you can afford solar!


Sierra Pacific Solar has created a new solar program that will allow our Sacramento solar clients to buy a solar electric system with no money down, and put extra cash in your pocket. You may be thinking...


The answer is simple. The cost of solar has come down compared to utility rates. You can eliminate the most expensive power in the top tiers of your electric rates with a custom designed solar electric system. You can cut 84% off your electric bill by eliminating the top tiers with my expert-designed system or you can upgrade to a larger system and eliminate your bill entirely.

Solar Electric adds value to your home! See the Lawrence Berkley Study


There are excellent financial incentives to help you purchase. The Solar Federal Tax Credit, that was increased to 30% with no dollar limit and utility rebates pay for a substantial amount of the system. It's possible, with a 680 credit score or better, you can finance a solar electric system and actually save more money with lower electric bills than the monthly payment - it's like having the electric company pay for your solar system. Yes, you can save more than you pay...it's brilliant!




Even after we come out and explain the Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, and the finance plan, there is no obligation. If you decide you don't want to take advantage of the spectacular offer - that's okay. We want you to think well of Sierra Pacific, even if you don't go solar at this time.

Call Sierra Pacific now at 800-551-3040 and ask for your FREE no-obligation solar estimate or request an appointment.

An appointment with one of our experienced, trained solar experts might be the best free "education" you'll ever receive. I have faith you will greatly benefit because of it, so call Sierra Pacific Solar today.

Sacramento Solar Testimonials

Need more convincing? Read Sacramento solar testimonials and find out why so many customers have selected Sierra Pacific Solar.

What are the benefits of solar electric power?

As "going green" and global warming have become key concerns over the past 40 years, increasingly more business and home owners have turned to solar energy to help protect the environment and generate electrical power for their structures. Solar energy has a wide range of applications. However, no matter how you use it, the benefits far outweigh the negative aspects (if there really are any).

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For more information about solar power, read the US Department of Energy Consumer Guide.


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